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Since 1929


The Miss Bulgaria National Beauty Pageant is a historic event that has been a source of pride and heritage for our country since 1929.

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the Miss Bulgaria national beauty pageant, a prestigious and glamorous competition in which we elect the most beautiful Bulgarian woman. She then serves as an ambassador for our nation’s traditions and promote a message of peace.

Miss Bulgaria is not only an exceptional evening; it is also a year-round program, synonymous with lifestyle, success, passion, and beauty.

The newly crowned Miss Bulgaria will have access to remarkable rewards and opportunities, including participation in the most prestigious international pageants.

May the magic be with you!


From Bulgaria to Hollywood

Gaël BONNEL SANCHEZ, a businessman, producer, and director of development at Nu Boyana Film Studios, owns the license provided by Irina Papazova and he is now the head of Miss Bulgaria with a strong determination to revive the national Miss Bulgaria contest. His goal is to create an image that combines prestige, glamour, tradition, trust, and integrity, while emphasizing the importance of natural beauty.

In the past, Gaël BONNEL SANCHEZ worked at Endemol, one of the world’s largest audiovisual production companies and the owner of the Miss France competition. He then honed his business skills by founding various innovative brands and currently leads the development of one of the largest film studios globally, Nu Boyana Film Studios. The aim now is to elevate the prestige and tradition of this national competition by infusing it with a touch of the Hollywood image.

The final ceremony will take place in September at the cinema studios, in a dreamlike setting that has previously hosted our biggest blockbusters. All of this will be broadcast on one of the national channels.

The new Miss Bulgaria (and some of her runners-up) will have the opportunity to appear in a Hollywood film, which will provide a boost to her hypermedia coverage and make her an ambassador of choice for your brand!

Here, you can find our contact information to get in touch with the Miss Bulgaria committee. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us using the provided form. To apply for casting, please send us an e-mail along with portrait and full-length pictures.

Let’s do something great together!

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